Aqua America services more than 3 million people across eight states, including in Ohio. We are a publicly regulated water and wastewater utility company. Aqua Ohio is the second largest subsidiary of Aqua America serving 500,000 people an average of 40 million gallons of water daily through 36 water systems. Aqua Ohio also provides wastewater treatment services through five wastewater treatment facilities.

How Water Privatization Can Help Your City or Town

Aqua Ohio’s mission is protecting and providing Earth’s most essential resource. The American Society of Civil Engineers estimates that Ohio needs to invest more than $12 billion to replace aging water infrastructure and more than $14 billion for wastewater systems over the next 20 years. Aqua Ohio invests $30 to $40 million each year across the state updating and replacing aging infrastructure.

Ohio Regulated Water Services

As a water company in Ohio, Aqua delivers quality water to municipalities, meeting and exceeding all state and federal regulations. If you believe that water privatization can help your city or town, please fill out the form at the right of this page.

  • Infrastructure updates – Aqua Ohio regularly replaces old, outdated facilities, well stations, water and wastewater plants and water mains, allowing Aqua to provide reliable service and quality water.
  • Fresh, reliable drinking water – Aqua Ohio provides safe drinking water to each customer, routinely testing water to ensure that it is safe to drink.

Ohio Wastewater Services

Our Ohio water company has the technical expertise to provide quality wastewater services consistent with public health benchmarks and environmental quality standards.

  • Quality wastewater discharge – Aqua improves the quality of water discharged from wastewater treatment plants back into the environment.
  • Safety for plant and animal life– Aqua cleans wastewater to remove disease causing bacteria ensuring that wastewater leaving Aqua’s plants is safe for all people, animals and plants.
  • Active environmental innovations– Aqua is constantly transforming wastewater treatment processes. These procedures are respectful of the environment and will adhere to Ohio Environmental Protection Agency regulations.

Benefits of Working with our Water Company in Ohio

Millions of Americans receive their gas and electric utilities from private companies. Water and wastewater service, however is more often delivered by municipalities or local authorities but an increasing number of communities are enjoying the benefits of privatization.

But many municipalities struggle with funding all of their community’s essential needs including, police and fire departments, schools, roadways and water and wastewater infrastructure. For municipalities interested in Ohio water or wastewater privatization, Aqua Ohio can be an excellent partner and integrate municipal water or wastewater systems into existing operations. Aqua may be able to provide the municipality with additional funds to balance budgets, retire debt and eliminate the burden of operating and maintaining their utility as a government owned operation.

Aqua Ohio at a Glance

Municipal Fair Market Value Legislation in Ohio

In 2019, Ohio enacted legislation to help municipalities receive market-based values for their water and wastewater systems if they choose to sell their systems to a regulated utility. That increase can be converted into much-needed revenue for community priorities. Ohio’s new municipal fair market value (MFMV) make working with Aqua more attractive than ever.

Learn more about MFMV: