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Aqua Illinois Announces $32 Million Infrastructure Improvement Program for 2016

Kankakee, IL – Aqua Illinois (Aqua) today announced plans for $32 million in infrastructure improvements in Illinois throughout 2016.

Aqua’s planned capital spending across its Illinois operating divisions includes:

  • $15 million throughout its Kankakee division for water system upgrades to improve system reliability, water quality and fire protection, including:
    • More than $9 million for distribution system improvements
      • Aged water main and water service line replacements
      • Fire hydrant and main line valve replacements and upgrades
      • Water meter replacements and upgrades
    • Nearly $4 million in its Kankakee water division for water treatment plant improvements to ensure sufficient water supply for industrial growth
  • More than $3.6 million in meter replacements across the state to ensure accurate billing for customers, including $1.5 million in Maine Township, Cook County.
  • $800,000 in preliminary engineering and construction associated with building an interconnection with the Village of Glenview to provide water in Maine Township, Cook County.
  • $5 million in water transmission main improvements in the University Park water division to supply customers with softened and filtered drinking water.
  • Completion of a $1 million iron-removal facility in the McHenry Shores water system to improve water quality.
  • $1.2 million in water distribution system improvements in the Vermilion County division to improve reliability and fire protection.
  • $1.5 million in collection system upgrades in the Kankakee and Will County wastewater system to eliminate rainwater inflow and infiltration and ensure reliable service to customers.
  • $500,000 in new lift station improvements for the Candlewick Lakes wastewater system.
  • Well and treatment improvements in the Willowbrook division.

More than 90 percent of the planned capital spending maintains or replaces aging water and sewer mains, water services and meters, hydrants, and sewer lift stations to ensure continued reliable service.

“Aqua’s 2016 infrastructure improvement projects reinforce our commitment to renewing our water and wastewater systems and replacing old areas of our distribution systems throughout the communities we serve,” said Craig Blanchette, Aqua Illinois president. “These investments help ensure that Aqua complies with state and federal water quality regulations, make our water and wastewater service more reliable for customers, and provide our local public safety professionals with the fire protection resources they need.”