Why Choose Aqua

Why choose Aqua? Since the early 1990s, an increasing number of water and wastewater company leaders have opted to sell their assets to Aqua for various reasons. Municipal officials strive to maintain balanced budgets while faced with managing a myriad of priorities like roads, bridges, parks, libraries, police and other community needs.

For other owners, the decision to sell is often based on the challenge to maintain regulatory compliance with more stringent federal and state drinking water standards. In addition to the typically significant capital investment necessary to maintain compliance, there is the issue of accessing the engineering and technical expertise that accompanies that responsibility. The issue of regulatory compliance has impacted municipal and regulated water and wastewater systems alike.

Financial Benefits of Privatizing Water and Wastewater

Aqua, with its technical expertise and resources, can provide a solution to these challenges. We use our expertise to purchase water systems, injecting needed capital into new and existing utility systems and developing the infrastructure required for safe drinking water and wastewater. In the last 25 years, Aqua has acquired nearly 350 water and wastewater systems, 30 of which were municipally owned, and has on average acquired and integrated 14 systems annually into our existing operations.

Even if you have never considered the sale of your city or town’s water or wastewater utility but would be interested in learning more about the benefits, please contact us to learn more. For additional¬†information,¬†visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.