Aqua is one of the biggest wastewater and water companies in the United States. Aqua delivers wastewater management and water services, and leading engineering, environmental, technical, compliance, and financial knowledge to ensure each Aqua-owned system delivers outstanding service.

Municipalities interested in learning more about water privatization in Delaware or Delaware wastewater treatment are encouraged to fill out the Contact Us form on this page.

Privatizing Water in Delaware and Wastewater Treatment Services

Aqua provides water service to more than 3 million people in towns and cities throughout the county. Our employees help to improve and preserve water systems throughout their lifecycle: design, construction and finally, operation.

  • Aqua is able to provide remote system monitoring services and will send skillful, licensed staff to address instant needs and perform preventive or emergency maintenance to ensure water dependability and quality, night and day.
  • Aqua provides 24/7 response in the event of a water quality service concern or interruption. Additionally, Aqua proactively funds and finances in infrastructure, replacing and installing pipes, valves and hydrants to keep water flowing to the homes and communities it serves.

Wastewater Services

Aqua wastewater treatment is more than capable of helping Delaware towns and cities by improving and maintaining sewer systems, which helps to convert wastewater into safe water suitable for discharge back into the environment. Through partnership with Aqua, local communities are able to achieve sustainable wastewater management.

  • Aqua hires fully-licensed operators with technical proficiency to safely install wastewater infrastructure.
  • Aqua provides treatments to ensure wastewater systems are in compliance with federal and state environmental standards.