Aqua is a publicly traded water and wastewater utility that serves more than 3 million people across the United States. Aqua Illinois, a subsidiary of Aqua, is an Illinois water company that serves 250,000 people through 63,000 water connections. Aqua Illinois is also an Illinois wastewater treatment company with 9,725 wastewater connections and eight surface water treatment plants.

How Aqua Illinois Can Help Your Illinois City or Town

Aqua Illinois delivers quality water and wastewater services by hiring the best people and innovating and replacing aging infrastructure. In fact, Aqua Illinois mission is protecting and providing Earth’s most essential resource.

Water Services in Illinois

As an Illinois water company, Aqua delivers reliable and quality water to Illinois cities and towns, meeting and exceeding all federal and state regulations. If you think that water regulation can help your municipality, please fill out the form on the right-hand side of this page.

  • Infrastructure improvements – Aqua Illinois regularly repairs and replaces outdated facilities, old water plants, mains and well stations, allowing Aqua to provide quality water and reliable service.
  • Delicious, safe drinking water – Aqua Illinois delivers drinking water and regularly tests water to ensure that it is safe for all customers.

Illinois Wastewater Services

Our Illinois water company has the experience and technical expertise to offer superior wastewater services surpassing public health and environmental quality standards.

  • Safe for people and the environment – Aqua Illinois disinfects wastewater to remove disease causing bacteria. All wastewater leaving Aqua’s plants is treated and safe for all animal and plant life.
  • Quality wastewater – Aqua improves the quality of water dispensed from wastewater treatment plants back into the water system.
  • Proactive environmental approach – Aqua is consistently innovating, ensuring our wastewater treatment methods are respectful of the surrounding environment, and adhere to future state and federal environmental regulations.

Benefits of Working with our Illinois Water Company

Across the country, many Americans are served by regulated utility companies, including gas and electric companies. On the other hand, water and wastewater utilities are typically supplied by authority or municipally owned systems.

Unfortunately, many municipalities struggle with funding budgets that include competing priorities; schools, police and fire departments, roadways and bridges and of course water and wastewater infrastructure. For municipalities or authorities interested in water regulation in Illinois, as well Illinois wastewater treatment, Aqua Illinois can be a reliable partner, integrating water or wastewater systems into Aqua’s existing systems. Municipalities are then rid of the burdens of maintaining and upgrading water and wastewater infrastructure and can use the funds from the sale to concentrate on other priorities.

In addition, fair market valuation legislation in Illinois allows companies like Aqua to pay a fair market amount for municipal water and wastewater systems. This benefits local governments, customers and the environment. Before the passage of this legislation, utilities were often limited to including only the original depreciated cost into their rate base, which became a regulatory barrier to a sale.