Aqua Indiana is a subsidiary of Aqua, which provides water and wastewater services to more than 3 million people in eight states. Aqua Indiana serves 83,000 people through 28,300 wastewater connections and 1,300 water connections.

How Aqua Indiana Can Help Your Municipal or Private Utility

Aqua Indiana delivers quality water and wastewater services, serving its mission of protecting and providing Earth’s most essential resource. Aqua Indiana employs scientists and engineers who can help replace your town’s aging infrastructure.

Indiana Water Treatment Services

As a water company in Indiana, Aqua delivers reliable water to cities and towns exceeding all state and federal regulations. If you are curious how water privatization can help your Indiana municipal or private utility, please fill out the form on the right-hand side of this page.

  • Drinking water – Aqua Indiana delivers safe drinking water to customers in the state. Aqua routinely tests all water to ensure that it is safe to drink.
  • Infrastructure improvements – Aqua Indiana repairs and replaces old pipes allowing the reliable delivery of quality water.

Indiana Wastewater Treatment Services

Aqua Indiana wastewater treatment has the technical expertise experience to offer superior wastewater services exceeding environmental quality and public health standards.

  • Distributing superior wastewater – Aqua Indiana improves the quality of water delivered from wastewater treatment plants back into the water system.
  • Proactive environmental standards – Aqua is constantly modernizing wastewater treatment methods, ensuring systems are respectful of the surrounding environment, adhering to possible future Indiana Environmental Protection regulations.
  • Safety for the environment – Aqua Indiana treats all wastewater, removing disease causing bacteria. All wastewater that leaves Aqua’s plants is safe for all living things –people, animals and plants.

Benefits of Working with Aqua Indiana

Private utility providers, including gas and electric companies, serve Americans across all 50 states. But many Americans receive water and wastewater from municipalities or authority-owned systems.

Many cities and towns struggle with financing important community needs, including school systems, police departments, emergency medical services, road work and of course water and wastewater infrastructure. For municipalities or authorities interested in Indiana water privatization or Indiana wastewater treatment, Aqua can be a reliable partner, incorporating water or wastewater systems into Aqua’s existing infrastructure. Without the burden of providing and funding water and wastewater, municipalities are fre to utilize budgets for fewer line items and concentrate on larger priorities.

Aqua Indiana at a Glance

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