Aqua’s owned systems deliver a quality experience to customers through leading engineering, environmental, compliance, financial and technical expertise, in addition to water and wastewater management services. Aqua is one of the largest water utility companies in the United States.

If your town would like to receive more information on South Dakota water privatization or wastewater treatment with Aqua, please fill out the Contact Us form on this page.

South Dakota Wastewater Treatment and Water Services

Aqua provides water services to more than 3 million people in the Unites States. Aqua closely works on full lifecycles of water systems including design, construction and operation, in order to deliver exceptional service to customers.

  • Experienced Aqua professionals perform emergency or preventative care and find solutions to immediate needs in order to maintain a consistent water quality.
  • Aqua provides 24/7 services to customers in the event that a service interruption or water quality issue pops up. Aqua staff replace and install pipes, valves and hydrants to ensure water smoothly runs in locations Aqua services.

Wastewater Services

By partnering with Aqua, South Dakota cities can have maintainable wastewater management systems. Aqua wastewater services may help these areas by updating sewer systems and transforming wastewater into safe water – making sure it meets high-standards in order to be sent back into the environment.

  • Aqua complies with federal and state regulations by delivering specific treatments to its wastewater systems.
  • Aqua hires employees with expertise in improving and installing wastewater infrastructure in a safe and secure manner.