Aqua’s owned systems provide quality service to customers through leading compliance, engineering, environmental, financial and technical expertise, as well as water and wastewater management services. Aqua is a leading water company in the USA.

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Utah Wastewater Treatment and Water Services

More than 3 million people in the United States receive services from Aqua. Aqua closely monitors the full cycles of its water systems – design, construction, operation – to provide a great customer experience.

  • Aqua employees are highly-skilled and able to apply preventative or emergency maintenance and create solutions for priority tasks in order to maintain consistent water quality.
  • Aqua customers receive 24/7 support in the event that a water quality issue or service interruption occurs. To deliver smooth water flow, Aqua employees update and replace pipes, valves and hydrants.

Wastewater Services

Utah cities are able to maintain wastewater management systems by partnering with Aqua. Aqua wastewater services are able to upgrade cities through modernizing sewer systems and converting wastewater into safe water; ensuring it is able to be sent back into the environment.

  • Aqua hires talented employees who safely and securely install and improve wastewater infrastructure.
  • Aqua complies with state and federal regulations by providing specific treatments to its wastewater systems.