Water Privatization and Wastewater Services Testimonials

Our commitment to delivering reliable, quality water and wastewater services often means working with systems in need of solutions to address an array of problems – from reviving a shutdown system to improving the appearance of water running cloudy from the tap. In many cases, problems arise when infrastructure reaches the end of its useful life. This is when municipalities turn to Aqua for water privatization help.

After all, the crumbling infrastructure problem in our country is not limited to roadways and bridges. The EPA reports that $384 billion of improvements to water systems are needed through 2030 to continue providing safe drinking water to 297 million Americans.

After bringing a system up-to-date, a key pillar of our operations at Aqua lies in our aggressive capital infrastructure improvement programs aimed at addressing routine maintenance needs before they turn into larger, more expensive problems that can leave customers with service outages.

Explore the water privatization testimonials that follow to learn how Aqua has leveraged more than a century of experience – teamed with a staff of dedicated scientists, engineers and treatment operators – to assist local cities and towns keep the tap flowing for customers; as well as make a positive impact on the communities in which we operate.

Aqua – Water Company Testimonials

Providing a Basic Necessity

“Aqua has not priced our water out of touch with what people can afford to pay for. Aqua has the resources to implement a capital program without putting an undue burden on its customers.”

— Barry Louise Customer, Aqua Pennsylvania

Emergency Preparedness & Support

“Your employees risked their safety to take the necessary steps to protect the pump stations even though the flood waters continued rise and in the end their efforts were not in vain.”

— Denny Thomas Mayor of Sayre Borough, Pennsylvania

Making a Clear Difference

“As a development-friendly municipality, we understood the importance of having utilities readily available at the new Bourbonnais Parkway Interchange. The infrastructure investment with Aqua Illinois aids in advancing growth and proactively meeting the future needs of our region.”

— Paul Schore Mayor of Bourbonnais, IL

Promoting Economic Prosperity

“Nearly 20 years ago, there were just three businesses in our industrial park, partly because we didn’t have enough water and wastewater infrastructure to support the businesses. Today, there are more than 70 companies providing employment opportunities.”

— Vivian Covington Mayor of University Park, IL

Facilitating Employee Opportunities

“The biggest difference I’ve found working at Aqua is the opportunity I’ve had to expand my experience and learn more about the water business. At Aqua, I’ve worked at eight different treatment plants, each with upgraded state-of-the-art equipment and technology.”

— Byron Moat Assistant Treatment Plant Superintendent, Aqua Pennsylvania

Investing in Infrastructure for Quality Water

“When Aqua Virginia bought the system in 2010, they put in new piping and it has made a tremendous improvement in the water quality and the water pressure.”

— Doris Brandt Customer, Aqua Virginia