Facilitating Employee Opportunities

“I started working for Aqua Pennsylvania in 1995 when Aqua bought the Media Borough Water Authority. When I first learned the authority was going to be sold, I was concerned about whether Aqua would hire me and if they did, what my future at Aqua might be. As it turned out, Aqua hired all of the plant workers.

The biggest difference I’ve found working at Aqua is the opportunity I’ve had to expand my experience and learn more about the water business.  At the Media Authority, there was one treatment plant—with much older equipment, none of it automated.  At Aqua, I’ve worked at eight different treatment plants, each with upgraded state-of-the-art equipment and technology.

I understand it’s natural for employees to be concerned about their jobs if their system is sold. But if the Media sale is any indication, there is little to be concerned about. With 15 years on the job at Aqua, I’m living proof.”

Byron Moat
Assistant Treatment Plant Superintendent
Aqua Pennsylvania