Investing in Infrastructure for Quality Water

“I’ve lived in Pelham Manor since 1961 and ever since I can remember, there were problems with the drinking water. The pressure was always low. Whenever there was a main break, we got mud in the water. I stopped drinking it at least 20 years ago, maybe 30. I bought filters for my water pitcher, which were supposed to be changed every other month, but I couldn’t get one to last more than a month. The previous water system owner would try to fix the problem with chemicals but that only made the water smell like chemicals. What we needed was new pipes.

When Aqua Virginia bought the system in 2010, they put in new piping and it has made a tremendous improvement in the water quality and the water pressure. The water is clear and the pressure is good. There’s no more sediment in my pitcher. My daughter lives in England and when she came to visit after Aqua made the repairs, she noticed a change in the water, particularly the fact that it no longer smelled like chemicals. Now that we have pressure, my son says our home is now his favorite place to shower.”

Doris Brandt
Aqua Virginia Customer
Pelham Manor