Making a Clear Difference

“Over the past few years, Aqua Illinois has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in improvements to the water system in Aroma Park. A few years ago, Aqua refinished both of the water towers in the Village to ensure that the drinking water that is filtered and softened at their treatment plant arrives at the homes and businesses of customers in the Village at the same level of quality.

In 2012, Aqua continued their initiative of improving water quality by replacing the dead-end water main on 2nd Street and Sandbar Road. This section of town has historically experienced bouts with discolored water due to the condition of the pipe and the fact that it was not fed or “looped” to encourage flow. Aqua’s project to replace this water main and add another connection on Bridge Street ensures that Aroma Park residents will receive the same high-quality drinking water that leaves Aqua’s plant in Kankakee. I appreciate the investment Aqua makes in my community and the benefits that our residents receive from it.”

Duane Dykstra
Mayor of Village of Aroma Park, IL